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All clients are currently being seen through teletherapy
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Eating Disorder Treatment in Reston VA

Eating Disorders as treated by Dr. Lilenfeld

The most well described eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder. Other eating disorders include purging disorder, night eating syndrome, emotional eating, and avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder.

The great majority of individuals with eating disorders suffer from some level of dissatisfaction with their body shape and/or weight.

About Dr. Lilenfeld

Dr. Lilenfeld is a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders. She has treated adults and adolescents with a variety of eating disorders for more than 25 years.

At the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. Lilenfeld completed a three year postdoctoral fellowship on eating disorders research and treatment. She is a fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders, elected member of the Eating Disorders Research Society, and past president of the Eating Disorders Coalition for Research, Policy and Action.

As an educator, Dr. Lilenfeld has trained many doctoral students and trains licensed professionals as a frequent workshop presenter. As a researcher, Dr. Lilenfeld has published widely on eating disorders in some of the most prestigious psychiatric journals in the field and has presented her work at various international conferences.

Our Approach

Dr. Lilenfeld is trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidenced-based approach for eating disorders.

CBT has several components. Among the most critical components of CBT for eating disorders are addressing motivation for change, establishing a regular intake pattern, and addressing body image dissatisfaction.

For conditions involving binging, purging, or compulsive exercise, triggers are identified and alternative strategies are developed. Nutritional consultation and evaluations by physicians may be part of your treatment.

Dr. Lilenfeld frequently coordinates the care among all professionals involved to help provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment.

Maudsley Family-based Treatment

Dr. Lilenfeld also provides intensive family-based treatment (known as Maudsley family-based treatment) for adolescent patients. This family-based treatment is well-researched, and one of the only treatments demonstrated to be effective for young individuals with eating disorders.


Dr. Riso: (703) 203-7197 | email: DrLawrenceRiso@gmail.com

--> Dr. Lilenfeld: (703) 203-7117 | email: DrLisaLilenfeld@gmail.com

Fax: (703) 689-3361

Appointments are Mondays through Fridays, early morning through evening. Late evening appointments are available with a last appointment at 9pm.


  • $275 initial intake session (55 min); comprehensive diagnostic assessment, scoring and interpretation of inventories, and treatment planning.
  • $275 per session (45 min); Maudsley Model Family Based Treatment (FBT) and adolescents with eating disorders.
  • $250 per session (45 min); individual or couples treatment (45 min).
  • As a private pay practice, we do not accept insurance. We will provide you with invoices which can be submitted for out-of-network benefits through your insurer.

Our Service Areas for Eating Disorder Treatment include:

Fairfax County
Reston, VA
Herndon, VA
Great Falls, VA
Vienna, VA
Chantilly, VA
Loudoun County
Sterling, VA
Dulles, VA
Ashburn, VA
Leesburg, VA

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